StackOverflow is a source of information..and a very good is not there because documentation would be is there because you need solutions on problems you come across and you don’t want to read an entire book because of it. A junior can use a more sophisticated solution by copy pasting and maybe understanding and a senior can see and compare other approaches. We have libraries and frameworks not because we can’t create a project without them..but because we don’t want to repeat things..repetition leads to errors specially in software sharing solutions and ideas is a great thing..and you don’t get those points and badges that you have to try and post correct answers which leads you to learning..the best way to learn is to teach anyway..

so don’t live in ice age and appreciate all what StackOverflow offers because it lead to the state of programming we are in is one of the major contributors to the number of software architects many would have given up without it..

Front-end lead at @SECRET global bank :)